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Catpic is an open source .NET project which implements OpenSocial container and provides ability to use Google gadgets - simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in webpages and other apps. Gadgets are developed by Google and third-party developers using the Google Gadgets API and basic web technologies such as XML, JavaScript, Flash. This site is just demo: Catpic is distributed as .NET assemblies and resource files (javascript API and server configuration files). It provides:

  • opensocial container specification 1.1(2.0) implementation (in progress)
  • implementation of google gadgets specification (done partially)
  • ability to process platform-independed components - gadgets
  • fully .NET implementation on server side
  • extensibility by custom modules
  • simple integration into existing ASP.NET/ ASP.NET MVC application via NuGet package
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